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Dr. Modestus Obochi joins the 2Flo Ventures Advisory Committee and the Temprian Therapeutics Board of Directors

September 12, 2022

Join us in welcoming Dr. Modestus Obochi, PhD MBA to the 2Flo Ventures advisory committee and the board of directors at Temprian Therapeutics, one of 2Flo’s portfolio companies! This appointment will help advance our vision of ensuring people of color are fairly represented in venture capital and served by our healthcare system.

Dr. Obochi brings global expertise across the biopharmaceutical value chain to Temprian Therapeutics’ board. He holds a PhD in Immunology, an MBA in Strategic Management and has spent nearly 30 years leading various aspects of pharmaceutical companies. Currently executive vice president of strategy and business development for Phlow Corporation, Dr. Obochi has also spent time at QLT Inc, Hospira, Pfizer, Baxter International, Coeptis Pharmaceuticals, and Pfenex Inc., where he consistently grew revenues and shareholder values.

His development, operational, strategic and commercial experiences will provide invaluable support to Temprian as the company works to initiate clinical trials of its immunotherapy to reverse the progression of vitiligo.

Vitiligo is a common autoimmune disease that causes skin to lose pigment. About 1 in 100 people globally live with the chronic condition, but its prominence on darker skin tones means it has a significant impact on people of color.

Temprian’s promising immunotherapy could be life-changing for people of color who live with the stigma of vitiligo every day.

We look forward to the impact Dr. Obochi can have on this important fight!

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