Modestus Obochi, Phd, MBA

I am a Chief Business Officer at Sernova Corp., a leading biotechnology company developing novel cell therapies for chronic diseases, where I leverage my 25+ years of diverse industry experience to drive innovation, growth, and value creation. I oversee the global business strategy, operations, and partnerships, as well as the M&A, and licensing activities.

I have a proven track record of building and leading world-class cross-functional teams, developing and launching innovation products, delivering multimillion-dollar bottom-line results, and establishing fruitful collaborations with various stakeholders. My core competencies include strategic thinking, active listening, collaborative negotiation, cross-functional leadership, and high performance, which enable me to facilitate and empower the development and commercialization of multi-product and multi-indication biotech and pharma products.

I am currently a Strategic Advisor to 2Flo Ventures, a Strategic Advisor to Peqish Food Co, and a Member of Board of Directors of Temprian Therapeutics.

My mission is to transform the lives of patients and improve the healthcare system through equitable and accessible innovation.

Chief Business Officer, Sernova Corp