Zach Selch

Elevate your global sales leadership with my mentorship, focusing on driving explosive, permanent, and profitable growth.

Leverage my 30+ years as a VP and director, having led global sales for start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies.

I assist you in identifying target markets, onboarding distributors, and implementing accountability strategies for predictable growth.

Audit and improve your distribution network, enhance engagement through a range of tools that I have developed over the decades.

Benefit from my extensive experience - over $1 billion sold to 150+ markets, onboarding 1,000+ partners, and achieving remarkable growth across diverse industries globally. Let's make your success story.

A bit more about me:

• I am a certified pit master
• I was a paratroop scout sergeant and led men into combat at 19
• As a kid, I lived in a 29-foot trailer in rural Pennsylvania
• My first sales job was selling factory second welcome matts at a flea market
• I spent 25 years as an expat living on 4 continents
• I ran my second marathon at 45, and I bench pressed 315 at age 50
• I walk my corgi by the beach virtually every morning to see the sunrise

Principal, Global Sales Mentor